What’s a Turkey or Ham Shoot?

Are you wondering what a turkey or ham shoot is?  Well, a turkey or ham shoot at the Springdale Sportsman’s Club are pretty much the same thing;


We take 10 paper plates.  On the front of each plate, we put a large number, 1 thru 10.  On the back of each plate, we put a small ‘X’.  We then hang the plates, as targets, on our rifle range at 25 yards, with the numbers facing toward the pavilion so you can see them.


Then, 10 participants each pay $3 for a shotgun shell, and they are told which number plate they should shoot at. 


Each participant takes their turn, and shoots at their plate.


After all 10 participants have shot at their plates, and the range is clear, we go out and get the plates.  The plates are brought back to the pavilion and placed on a table, numbers facing down.  Each plate is carefully examined to see which plate has a hole closest to the center of the ‘X’ on the back of the plate.  When it is determined which plate has the closest hole to it’s ‘X’, the plate is turned over to reveal it’s number, and the participant that shot at that plate is awarded a gift card to buy a ham or a turkey!


And then we do it all again with 10 new participants.  We continue until we no longer have 10 participants that want to continue shooting.


And then when nobody wants to participate an longer….


….we go back to the clubhouse, order some wings and/or something to drink, make new friends, and enjoy each others company!


So, the answer to your question, what is a Turkey or Ham Shoot at the Springdale Sportsman’s Club?  It’s a lot of fun!  We hope to see you there!



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  1. Brian Moan says:

    Always have had a great time

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